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We're living in the middle of one of the most important times in history - the 4th Industrial Revolution. At the heart of this has been the rise of Artificial Intelligence in robotics, Internet-of-Things, augmented reality, facial recognition, and many more.

Join Dr Zbigniew 'Zig' Zdziarski for a birds-eye view of this revolution and discover the impact that AI is having on our everyday lives and how it can propel us forward.

The 4th Industrial Revolution
Understand how the 4th Industrial Revolution has changed the way we learn, work, move and communicate and how it compares to previous revolutions.
AI in Products and Services
Discover how technologies such as robotics, drones and virtual reality are at this heart of this revolution and applied to everyday products and services.
Why you need a digital mindset
Having the latest IT infrastructure, technologies and applications will only get you so far. Learn how a digital mindset can help you and your business succeed.

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AI and the 4th Industrial Revolution is one of five, online live masterclasses Carnegie Mellon University Australia is hosting throughout February and March.

Our resident gurus will cover topics in Machine Learning, Big Data, Policy Analytics, Digital Transformation and Public Entrepreneurship.

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Xiaohui Chen, China

Xiaohui Chen
"The online experience has been very useful. The quality of learning is the same as in-person and the professors and staff are very responsive and dedicated."

Quang Duong Nguyen
"The quality of teaching has been beyond my expectations. I feel lucky to be learning from such brilliant and caring faculty. The lectures are very engaging."
Katie Bourke

Katie Bourke
"The grounding I received in the university’s technical policy curriculum has equipped me well for moving out of the clinician setting and working with policy and strategy specialists."

Yixuan Guo
"At CMU-A, they’re not only teaching you what it is, but why it is and how you use it. I’m so impressed that the professors teach so well online."

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